Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Solutions

Enhance risk mitigation efforts by leveraging our powerful AML tools and API solutions to effectively address the challenges related to sanctioned entities and individuals.


Enhancing financial security and safeguarding businesses and financial institutions

Our advanced AML tools, including our AML API and anti-money laundering software, utilise cutting-edge technologies and sophisticated algorithms to actively identify and highlight suspicious transactions, evaluate potential risks, and ensure strict compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Safeguard your business against money laundering using our comprehensive AML tools and software

At KYC Sweden, we understand the critical importance of effective KYC/AML measures in today's business landscape. Our cutting-edge AML software and solutions empower organisations to combat financial crimes and adhere to regulatory mandates proactively. By integrating our AML API and utilising our advanced anti-money laundering tools, businesses can enhance their due diligence processes, identify potential risks, and prevent illicit activities. We can establish a strong defence against money laundering and safeguard your organisation's financial integrity.

KYC Sweden offers frictionless AML tools and software to assist organisations in achieving regulatory compliance

With our advanced AML compliance software, businesses can effectively screen customers for potential risks related to terrorism financing and money laundering. By conducting comprehensive screenings against global watchlists, businesses can ensure compliance with regulations and mitigate the risks associated with illicit activities. Stay ahead in the ever-evolving regulatory landscape with KYC Sweden's proactive approach to risk management through its AML tools and software.

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Mitigate the risks associated with Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) through our AML screening tools and software

Financial institutions face inherent risks when dealing with individuals classified as Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) who may be involved in illicit activities such as corruption and bribery. Engaging in transactions with PEPs exposes organisations to the potential threats of fraud and money laundering, necessitating the implementation of robust Anti-Money Laundering (AML) solutions. Our advanced AML screening tools and software are designed to detect PEPs effectively during the account opening.

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